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Thanks for your interest in reselling & consigning your dresses, gowns & accessories at Designer Consigner Boutique,

Indy's Designer Consignment Bridal Boutique.  We consign all wedding dresses, wedding gowns & flower girl dresses and bridal accessories.

WE OFFER CONSIGNMENT ONLY, WE DON'T BUY OUTRIGHT ANY DRESSES, GOWNS OR ACCESSORIES.  When you bring your dresses, gowns or accessories in for us to look at, we will look through them and agree on a selling price with you.  We help you get the highest possible profit while still offering our customers an amazing price.  You will receive 50% of what your dresses, gowns and accessories sell for after they sell. Dresses, Gowns & Accessories sell only when in style; therefore, there may be dresses, gowns & accessories that we can't consign.  Please know that our customers preferences must be our selection guidelines.

We take Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses and Bridal Accessories that are clean, wrinkly free, in good repair and less than 5 years old.  At Designer Consigner Boutique we make selling your dresses & accessories easy and fun for you.  We have over 20 plus years of experience in the consignment and bridal business which guarantees you a professional experience. We also post most of our dresses, gowns & accessories on all our Social Media Sites which has followers into the 10,000.  This is why Designer Consigner Boutique has much success selling your dresses, gowns & accessories while other avenues you may have used have failed. 

We sell 90% of all the dresses, gowns & accessories that we take in on consignment.  All you have to do is sit back & wait until your dress, gown or accessories sell and collect your money. If you have any questions regarding our consignment process not covered here, feel free to give us a call.  We will be happy to answer any of your questions. We couldn't do it without you, our partners in consigning.   

Thank you for your interest in Designer Consigner Boutique, Indy's Designer Bridal Consignment Boutique​

Pink Sugar
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